SHARI ZOLLINGER | Astrologer & Life Coach

Shari Zollinger considers herself a seeker first and foremost. She is also a practicing astrologer, published poet, book enthusiast and traveler. Passionate about words Shari considers language a tool for transformation and self-understanding. It is through this passion that she mastered Mandarin Chinese, spent 12 years in the book industry, studied poetry and finally trained in the symbolic and archetypal language of astrology. Shari studied her own astrological natal birth chart for a year before she realized that she needed to train professionally. She currently has a thriving astrology and life coaching practice working with clients both locally and globally. She combines a unique combination of astrology, poetic insight and life coaching in her practice. Shari sees astrology as a versatile practice and enjoys combining this language of insight with many different types of activities and workshops. She has taught everything from the Art and Astrology to Astrology and Journaling.

Custom Retreat Workshops Offered by Shari:
Astrology and Journaling: Path to Self Discovery
Poetry and our Natal Birth Charts
Astrology and Art
Astrology and Dreams
Great Transitions: Looking to Astrology for Insight
Nature and Journaling
Learning How to Interpret our Natal Birth Charts

B.A. History and Chinese Language
Certified Life Coach, London Coaching Academy
Astrology Training: Master Astrologer Susie Cox

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