HANNAH HAUSMAN | Goddess of Movement

Dancing has always been my first language, my first love and my first medicine.  It grew with me in the womb like a vital organ, helping transmute my emotional body through my physical one.

I've always used movement as a way back to myself; back to my center. The human body never ceases to amaze me with its superb intelligence in maintaining its physiological balance, and by learning how to get out of our monkey brains, through movement, we are are better equipped to fine tune these intricacies. 

 When I move, dance, jump, hike, run, I let go of all thoughts and mental narrative, knowing my body will intuitively release what it needs to. When I move, it is my body praying. I always come out with more peace and clarity on the other side. Dance and movement allow me to be free from everything I'm not.

Let me share my medicine with you.


A women's remembrance that their essence is wise, Wild and free through dance and intuitive movement. In this class we connect back to the body and it's wisdom as being true north, using different elements of yoga, sensual movement, free dance, light/shadow aspects, and sharing. 

A women's exploration of the emotional body through movement to live drums! 

CorePower Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Power Vinyasa

An exploration and cleansing, energizing and resetting of the energy body using breathwork, mantra, visualization, and mudras.